QuestMark's Epoxy Garage Kit Demo from PowerNation TV

QuestMark recently partnered with PowerNation TV to install a Premium Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Kit in their Detroit Muscle Garage. This two coat polymer floor system offers a great looking and highly durable surface that creates a barrier of protection between gasoline, road salt, motor oil and other common substances found in your garage.

QuestMark's Premium Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Kit comes with everything you need: Epoxy Base (Resin & Hardener), Urethane Topcoat Hardener, Decorative Paint Chips (1 lb) and all the tools necessary to mix up and apply these items to your floor. The Epoxy Garage Kit is also available in four colors including: charcoal gray, light blue, medium gray and camel. There are also multiple paint chip options allowing you to further customize your garage floor.

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