TPO Flute Fill with Induction Weld Roof System by CentiMark

Did you know you can extend the life of your metal roof with flute fill systems? The outstanding durability of metal panels allows many facilities to retrofit their existing roof instead of replacing it. The retrofitting process involves placing insulation panels into the flutes of your metal roof, adding a recovery layer or insulation and then installing a roof membrane. TPO membrane is welded to the fasten plates using an induction welder and weights for a secure installation.

The main benefits of this method include:
- Roofing cost savings: Retrofit eliminates the cost of a tear-off and disposal of your existing roof.
- Added insulation: Drastically improves your energy efficiency and the R-value.
- Improves moisture resistance: Flute fill allows to insulate any gaps and prevent moisture buildup.

Flute fill retrofit systems allow you to stretch your roofing budget further while decreasing your environmental impact.

Watch this video to learn how CentiMark completes a TPO flute fill with induction weld!

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