EPDM Seam Tape Being Used for Seaming a Rubber Roof Membrane

Would you like to see how EPDM seam tape is used for seaming the roofing membrane of a CentiMark installed EPDM roof? If so, watch this video, which shows our expert roofers completing commercial roof repair work.

If interested in learning more about EPDM rubber roof systems, they are an economical, lightweight and flexible roofing membrane that serves as a superb second generation application.

CentiMark's ability to install an EPDM roof system can be customized to meet your requirements and needs. The method of application, insulation value, EPDM membrane thickness, warranty structure and term, as well as many other characteristics are considered so that the EPDM roof system can provide the best roofing solution for you.

For more information about these commercial roofing systems, visit: http://www.centimark.com/roof-systems/epdm