Metallic Epoxy Commercial Floor Installation with QuestMark

Want to rejuvenate your commercial floor while providing a unique and customized look that can't be replicated? Metallic epoxy flooring may be the best option!

To learn more about metallic epoxy flooring, watch this video from QuestMark. In the video, you will see how concrete floors are prepared to promote adhesion of the metallic epoxy. Watch the video through to the end and you will also be able to see a finished metallic epoxy floor installed by QuestMark.

As seen in the video, for this application, QuestMark utilizes a diamond grinding machine. The floor is then cleaned, joints filled, and defects repaired prior to installing the epoxy coating. A base coat of metallic epoxy is applied to the entire floor with a notched squeegee. The base coat is immediately rolled to the desired mil thickness. This process also helps reduce potential imperfections during the curing process. Once dry, a top coat of metallic epoxy is applied and uniformly spread utilizing a notched squeegee and then immediately back rolled. This top coat is UV stable and provides chemical and abrasion resistance. Prior to curing, additional metallic pigment suspended in a clear coat resin binder is randomly applied and blended into the top coat. This random application creates a unique appearance that can never be exactly duplicated.

If after watching this video showing the process for installing metallic epoxy flooring, you think this might be a good solution for your commercial floors, you can learn more or schedule a flooring consultation by visiting