New QuestMark Commercial Floor for Xtreme Off Road (PowerNation TV)

Are you interested in learning about commercial flooring options for automotive shops? If so, watch the commercial flooring installation process in action as QuestMark upgrades the flooring for Xtreme Off Road on PowerNation TV!

Xtreme Off Road knew their shop floor was going to take the most abuse of pretty much anything in their shop so they had their concrete flooring reconditioned to prepare it for many more years of wear. If interested in watching how this was completed, watch this video to see how it happened!

In the video, you will see how resurfacing concrete is a lot of work. QuestMark, who has some of the best commercial flooring crews in the business, started by cutting the joints to clean them out and expose fresh concrete. Afterwards, the entire surface was ground down using a 480 volt, 1 ton electric grinder. During this process, the concrete dust was collected directly off the grinder, swept up and vacuumed out of the floor joints. To provide a completely smooth surface, the joints were filled with a flexible epoxy. After the epoxy dried, the epoxy was ground smooth and vacuumed clean one more time. A layer of grout was spread on top of the concrete to help fill in all of the chips, scratches and small holes that were left after years of abuse. The surface was then ground smooth one last time. After a final cleaning, a dark charcoal colored stain was applied to the concrete. The last and final step involved burnishing the floor to help protect it from future stains.

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