Truck Tech Auto Garage Floor Resurfacing from QuestMark

Want to learn more about the garage floor resurfacing process? If so, this video where QuestMark resurfaces the concrete floors at Truck Tech may help!

Whether you own an automotive shop or just take pride in your own garage, resurfacing the concrete slab can bring your automotive man cave back to life. Truck Tech wanted to do this so they called QuestMark, an innovative flooring solutions company, and they showed up with a ton of gear.

First they used backer rod to fill in the joints so the slabs could still float. Then they applied an epoxy coat and scraped off excess coating. The surface was then hit with a diamond grinder, which removed about an 1/8 inch of the surface. Acetone was then mixed with a concentrated dye and applied in two even coats to give the flooring a nice tint. The floor was then mopped for full coverage. A water based sealer was added and followed by a 200 grit burnishing pad to provide a nice protective shine.

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