Terrazzo Floor Restoration Completed by QuestMark

Are you interested in bringing old and worn Terrazzo Floors in a commercial building back to life? If so, watch this Terrazzo floor restoration video from QuestMark!

Over time, Terrazzo floors start to look old and worn due to excess wax and dirt build up. The good news is that with the proper steps, terrazzo flooring can be restored to look as good as new! If interested in learning more about terrazzo floor refinishing, watch this video from QuestMark.

In the video, you will observe the terrazzo floor restoration process, which includes setting up and protecting any products within the work area. After that, the edges of the flooring are ground by hand to remove excess wax build up. An initial grind is then completed using hybrid tooling. This removes existing wax and ground in dirt. A secondary cut with a grinder is then performed. Next up is polishing. The floor is then scrubbed and an additional stain guard is applied. The floor is then burnished to complete the floor refinishing process.

The end result of the floor restoration process is a Terrazzo floor that looks and shines like new! See for yourself in this informational video from QuestMark!

To learn more about Terrazzo floors from QuestMark, visit https://www.questmarkflooring.com/floor-systems/diamondquest-polished-concrete today!