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Dealing with oil stains on your commercial flooring that aren't aesthetically pleasing and that are posing a safety risk? If so, use QuestMark's Cleaner & Degreaser!

Oil stains are more than an aesthetic blemish on your concrete floor. If your floor becomes saturated with oil, they can present a serious safety risk to your customers and staff. The simplest and easiest way to clean oil stains from the surface of your concrete floor is by scrubbing with QuestMark's commercial floor Cleaner & Degreaser HD.

Keep your floors safe and free of hazardous oils, films and residue with QuestMark’s Commercial Floor Cleaner and Degreaser HD. This do-it-yourself product is a low hazard, low toxicity and water-soluble cleaner that works by emulsifying the oils in your floor.

This instructional video directs viewers through proper procedures of using QuestMark’s Cleaner and Degreaser HD on commercial floors.

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